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A message from Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams

January 16, 2018


Winter safety reminders

Winter weather comes with important safety reminders for all of us – walkers and motorists alike. It is especially important for students who walk to and from school to be extra careful when roads and sidewalks are snowy and icy.


This also is a good time to refresh ourselves about important general safety precautions. The following tips are intended to keep all of our students safe while they are walking to or from school during the winter and all year round, as well as anytime they are out in the community without adult supervision.


Please review these important reminders at home. You also can download this letter in English or:

For motorists:

  • Watch for children or other pedestrians at all driveways, intersections and crosswalks.

  • Watch for children or other pedestrians walking in the road when sidewalks may be filled with snow.

  • Unload children and other passengers on the correct side of the vehicle where you and they are not in harm’s way or in competition with oncoming traffic or traffic coming from behind.

For walkers:

  • Cross streets only in marked crosswalks and intersections.

  • Do not climb over snow banks to cross the street.

  • Obey the walk/don’t walk signals when crossing the street at a traffic light.

  • Look both ways before crossing the road.

  • Avoid trouble – If you see a group of adults or other students doing something that you know is wrong or potentially dangerous, please head in the opposite direction.

  • Never walk alone – Walk with an adult family member, an older student or in a group.

  • Do not talk to strangers – If approached by a stranger RUN immediately to the nearest store or crossing guard and tell an adult about it.

  • Come to school on time – Sometimes being late is unavoidable. Parents and guardians, on those occasions please escort your children into school and be certain of their safe arrival.

  • Walk against traffic – It takes time for a driver to turn around and it will give you a head start.

  • Tell someone immediately – If you have had something happen to you, or have had an experience that made you feel uncomfortable or scared, tell school officials or your parents immediately.

Please remind your children of the importance of these safety precautions. If you have any further questions please contact your school principal.  


Yours in education,

Kaweeda G. Adams

Superintendent of Schools

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