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2020 Vision: The best urban school district in America

The City School District of Albany's Strategic Roadmap

In January 2013, the City School District of Albany began working to design and deliver a new and aligned way of providing leadership through excellence in governance, excellence in management and excellence in consultation.


The result is "Strategic Roadmap: 2020 Vision," adopted by the Board of Education in February 2014. It is the document guiding the district's efforts to become, by 2020, the best urban school district in which to learn and work.


2020 Vision includes the key elements of:

  • Strategic Roadmap, with mission, core values, vision and strategic directions

  • VisionCards Accountability/Performance System for each of the strategic directions and for all district employees

  • Operational Plans for continuous improvement at the district, school and department levels

The district began designing the roadmap in January 2013. It included a new mission statement, district, school and department performance systems and operational plans for ongoing district-wide improvement.


Throughout December 2013 and January 2014, the district engaged in a series of nine meetings with community members and staff to share a draft roadmap and gather feedback regarding that document. More than 125 community members and more than 75 staff members participated in these conversations. Online feedback also was solicited through a survey.


Using feedback provided in those meeting, the roadmap's plans and provisions were tweaked. Those efforts culminated in the February 2014 school board approval of the district's "Strategic Plan: 2020 Vision." In April 2014, Monitoring Reports organized around the VisionCards and district, school and department performance and improvement plans were provided to the board.


A demographic and enrollment study completed in June 2014 also envisioned the district's future facilities needs to serve the city's students and families. The study considered several variables that would affect enrollment trends at all grade levels, including a significant increase in Albany High School's graduation rate and additional closures of underperforming charter schools in the city.

2020 Vision Mission Statement

The City School District of Albany's Mission Statement:


The mission of the City School District of Albany is

to educate and prepare all students for college and career, citizenship and life,

in partnership with our diverse community.


Theory of action

The district Theory of Action flowing from and informing the development of 2020 Vision:


If we ...

  • Provide a caring and competent teacher in every classroom, and if we

  • Engage students in the act of learning and the ownership of their learning, and if we

  • Empower and support principals as the key leaders to facilitate this vision, and if we

  • Ensure a strong central office staff focused on supporting school and teacher leaders, and if we

  • Ensure a strong partnership with the Board of Education and district leadership, and if we

  • Gather, analyze and use data to monitor continuous improvement, make informed decisions and report progress, and if we

  • Expand leadership density throughout the entire organization, and if we

  • Engage parents, community members and strategic partners to work to ensure students pursue college and careers, THEN ...

    • We will meet our mission of educating all students for college and career, citizenship and life, in partnership with our diverse community.

As we work together to achieve our 2020 Vision, imagine what the district will look like in 3-5 years as we move successfully toward our goals.


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