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Annual professional performance review 


The City School District of Albany evaluates teachers and principals with a systen called “annual professional performance review,” or APPR.


Although historically our district has evaluated faculty on a regular basis and required them to take part in professional development, the APPR system is required by New York state law.


So what’s different now?

State Ed has to approve the evaluation plan

State  law requires each public school district to submit an evaluation plan for approval by the state Education Department.  The plan has to be jointly developed by the district and faculty to align with statewide teaching and leadership standards known as the Common Core Standards.


Faculty get annual grades

The new law also requires each district’s plan to give teachers and principals an annual number grade that translates into a rating of effectiveness – highly effective, effective, developing or ineffective. Sometimes this is referred to as the HEDI scale.


⇒Teacher grades are linked to student performance

The law also sets forth a strict set of rules to arrive at the grade. This includes, for the first time ever, directly tying a portion of the teacher grade to student performance on state exams or other state-approved learning measures. Click the highlighted text to review a testing transparency report about the district compiled by the New York State Education Department and issued in June 2014.


Some grades are available for review

Parents and guardians may get the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score for each of their child’s teachers and their child’s principal once the scores are available.


The new law does not allow the release of any additional information about a teacher or principal beyond the final rating and composite score.


Click the highlighted text to see the City School District of Albany’s evaluation plan.


Getting ratings and scores

Ratings and scores are not considered public information. Only parents and guardians may receive final rating and composite effectiveness score information, and they need to follow a process dictated by the law.


Step 1. Parent/guardian makes written request

A parent or guardian must complete the form Request for Teacher or Principal Overall Composite Score and Effectiveness Rating and bring it – and photo identification – to the main office of their child’s school for a teacher and to the administrative offices in Academy Park for a principal. The photo ID will be copied onto the request form, and the form will be submitted for approval.


No oral requests will be honored, and parents and guardians should not expect to receive the information the same day they file the request.


Step 2. District verifies identification and request

Identification -- The district may request additional documentation (driver’s license or other photo ID) to verify that the person requesting the information is the parent or legal guardian of the student. Legal guardians will have to provide proof of guardianship (court orders, for example). Any documents will be verified against other information the district has about the student.

Request – The district will verify that the information being requested is within the law, meaning the request must be made by a parent or guardian of a student in the teacher’s current class or the principal’s current building.


The person making the request will be notified once his or her request has been verified and approved, and a face-to-face meeting will be scheduled with the appropriate district administrator.  


Step 3: Face-to-face meeting is held   

At the meeting between the administrator and the parent/guardian, the rating and score of the person in question will be provided verbally. (If a parent/guardian cannot meet in person, they may receive the information by phone). Also at the meeting, the parent/guardian will receive a copy of an explanation of the rating and score system to better explain them in the context of teacher evaluation and student performance.


The law does not allow the release of any additional information about the teacher or principal in question beyond the final rating and composite score. In addition, a teacher or principal may appeal a final rating and composite score. If an appeal is filed, the rating and composite score will not be available until the appeals process has concluded.


Once a meeting is complete, the teacher or principal will be notified that his or her score was given out.


Click the highlighted text to read a letter about the City School District of Albany's APPR from Superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard, Ph.D. You also can contact Dr. V for more information at 518-475-6010.



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